Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Living like a Pro

Well... i'm not quite a pro cyclist, but thanks to a week holiday from work, i've been dedicating my time to full time training and racing. Not been on here to update as i've been making the most of the superb sunshine over the past week, which not only produced some great cycling weather, but also the classic cycling "half leg/half arms" tan. Oh dear. Well it looks good with the cycling kit on at least! The past week has seen me racing 3 times (Scottish XC Round 2, British NPS Round 2 and Whyte Enduro Round 2) so as you can imagine i've been on the go constantly, travelling about and training in between. Got some nice results as well. I'm going to put up a separate report for each one so stay tuned!

Right now, it's back to work so back to "part time" cyclist for the foreseeable future. Lunch time now, i'm starving :-)

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Nate Dawg said...

Jealous... my riding has really cut back to twice a week due to a hectic basketball training schedule, which isn't neccicarily a bad thing though. I'd like to start getting some more riding in soon.

Congrads on your SXC series race!