Friday, 25 July 2008

Fort William Bound...

Morning all! First post in a while. Things have been rather busy so I haven't had too much time to update. Over the last few weeks i've been getting some great training in. I've also been busy with other projects (getting motorbike ready for M.O.T) and work so not much spare time!

I've also had a little race. A couple of weeks ago, the Island hosted the Hebridean Challenge which is a 5-day adventure race through the Outer Hebridies. I got invited down to that to participate in the MTB and Road time trials, but could only make it to the MTB TT due to work commitments. Needless to say, I had a great ride, and even though I was pretty fatigued going into the race, I finished 1st by over 40mins. I should mention that the guys I was racing with weren't MTB specialists by any means, and they had been racing for a few days so there were some tired legs but it was great training none the less, so a really enjoyable event, and great to have it on my home turf for a change!

This weekend, i'm racing at Fort William for Scottish XC MTB round 5. This is one of my fav courses as it has a monster climb followed by technical, fast descent. The following weekend, i'm racing the Scottish Road Race Championships in Hawick too, so plenty to look forward to. Will update soon with the results.

Anyway, got to dash... time for work :-)

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