Thursday, 17 April 2008

2 Training sessions in one day? Why not...

This Sunday past, I decided to have a "long lie" for a change which is about 9.30am for me - I hate lazing and wasting time lying in bed! My usual get up time on the weekends is 8.30-9am, so seeing as I had the extra rest, an idea sprung to mind - why not try training twice in the one day? After reading in Joe Friel's Training Bible that it is better than one longer session as it causes your body to release twice the "growth hormone" I thought I would give it a go.

A bowl of porridge and a cuppa saw my road bike mounted on the Turbo (an indoor trainer so you can ride your bike inside) for my pre-lunch session. Things get boring on the Turbo, so I stick on some music and watch in my bedroom which saw 1.25hrs total work time with some intense 5min intervals above my threshold output. Legs suitably sore after this, so whacked down some nice Ovaltine chocolate milk to aid recovery before lunch.

In the afternoon I decided to get in some steady tempo miles, so I went out and did a 40mile loop round Breasclete/North Lochs which took just over the 2hr mark. The legs were quite "tight" feeling for the first 20mins into the ride, but to my suprise, I felt very good once warmed up. Can't say I noticed any extra fatigue the next day so I may be working this into my training plan from now on. I may try it again this coming weekend and so how things fair.

Anyhow, Friday tommorow and looking forward to a nice easy rest day. Hope the sun keeps shining!


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Nate Dawg said...

that's an interesting concept from the training bible that two workouts = twice the growth hormone. it's funny that i read this article today as i planned to do a double workout also; a ride around Mt. Stromlo (home of the 2009 mtb world champs!) and a turbo session. I am interested to see what effect it has.